APEC CEO Summit: A View From Indonesia

coverage 10 octBeyond reporting the news that matters most to our readers and providing financial information and data via the Bloomberg Professional service, our goal is to prompt debate and facilitate dialogue at the highest levels.

We do that through the communities we create among our customers and users, and directly with top newsmakers who shape and make policies and decisions that change the directions of companies, countries and regions.

This week, such opportunities have been plentiful at the APEC CEO Summit and APEC Economic Leaders’ Week in Bali, Indonesia, where 1,200 heads of states and global leaders have convened to discuss their economic priorities. The Summit has become the Asia Pacific region’s biggest gathering of presidents, prime ministers and private sector leaders. Bloomberg’s Chief Content Officer Norman Pearlstine hosted a discussion with the Prime Minister of Singapore and the Chairmen of PricewaterhouseCoopers and COFCO. The topic was no small one – the “State of the World.”

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