Press April 2013

  • Kuliah Umum ABAC di UNAIR: Konsep ABG – ‘Academic, Business & Government’, Prinsip Generatif untuk Pembangunan Ekonomi yang Berbasis Pengetahuan

    Kuliah Umum ABAC di UNAIR: Konsep ABG – ‘Academic, Business & Government’, Prinsip Generatif untuk Pembangunan Ekonomi yang Berbasis Pengetahuan APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), dewan yang mewakili sektor bisnis di Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), hari ini melakukan Kuliah Umum di Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Surabaya dengan tajuk “Peran Sektor Swasta dalam Membangun Ekonomi di Kawasan Asia Pasifik”. Dihadiri oleh lebih dari 200 mahasiswa dari berbagai fakultas, jajaran dosen dan staff UNAIR, Kuliah Umum disampaikan oleh Wishnu Wardhana, ABAC Chair 2013 dan APEC CEO Summit 2013 Chair dan dibuka oleh Wakil Rektor III UNAIR Prof. Soetjipto, dr.,MS., Ph.D. READ MORE
  • ABAC Public Lecture at Airlangga University: The ‘ABG Concept’ – Academic, Business & Government, The Generative Principle for Knowledge-Based Economic Development

    APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), a permanent high-level business advisory group created by APEC, today conducted a public lecture at Airlangga University (UNAIR) in Surabaya. Wishnu Wardhana, ABAC Chair 2013 and APEC CEO Summit Chair 2013 delivered a lecture on “Private Sector Role in Developing the Economy at Asia Pacific Region” before more than 200 UNAIR’s academia comprising of students from various faculties, lecturers and staff members. The public lecture was opened with a speech by UNAIR’s Vice Rector III Prof. Soetjipto, MS., Ph.D. READ MORE
  • General Q&A

  • Asia ‘needs more infrastructure’

    Asia ‘needs more infrastructure’ Asia’s roaring growth engine could start to splutter if infrastructure needed to link goods and services to consumers is not installed. That was the message from Mr Wishnu Wardhana, who will be sharing the concerns of the region’s business leaders with politicians at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit to be held in Bali this October. READ MORE
  • APEC holds preparatory meeting in Surabaya

    The senior officials of Asia Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) will gather in Surabaya next week to discuss preparations for the APEC Summit, as the second preparatory meeting after a similar gathering in Jakarta on February and discussed several important issues to boost trade cooperation and investment in the region.
    The meeting agenda would be used to prepare member countries for the World Trade Organization (WTO) ministerial conference to discuss the major issue of trade facilitation and the Least Developed Countries (LDC) package as a scheme to provide duty-free and quota-free conditions to get greater market access. READ MORE
  • “Indonesia dan APEC 2013” (Indonesia and APEC 2013)

    “Indonesia dan APEC 2013” (Indonesia and APEC 2013) APEC 2013 will be held soon in Bali and undertaking "Resilient Asia Pacific, Engine of Global Growth" as this year's theme. The strategic collaboration of members is based on the richness of energy and natural resources including oil, gas and coal - owned by the members. Direction to where APEC is leading can be easily be seen from geo-economics, geo-politic and geo-strategic perspective. READ MORE
  • Speech of ABAC Chair 2013 at 2nd ABAC Meeting – Gala Dinner with Acting Prime Minister

    Thank you, Acting Prime Minister Teo, for generously hosting this Gala Dinner for ABAC in this wonderful Istana this evening.
    We very much appreciate the time you have given us and your continued support for ABAC over many years.
    Most of us in APEC – including Indonesia – benefit from the Singapore’s running business machinery, which never seems to stop – from the busy container terminal we see from our hotel at the Marina Bay, to the financial houses and the logistics centres serving the region. From my own experience, I would even include the famous Singapore hawkers who work well into the night, serving some of the best char kway teow in Southeast Asia. READ MORE
  • Speech of ABAC Chair 2013 at 2nd ABAC Meeting – Opening Luncheon with Senior Minister of State

    All of us in ABAC are pleased to return to this vibrant Asia-Pacific hub, which sets the standard for much of what we are trying to achieve in APEC.
    And we, in Indonesia, are very grateful to you, Senior Minister of State, and to the Singapore Government and the Singapore Business Federation, for supporting the Indonesian Chairmanship of ABAC, by agreeing so readily to host this 2nd ABAC Meeting. READ MORE
  • Speech of ABAC Chair 2013 at 2nd ABAC Meeting – Opening Plenary

    Let me start by thanking our hosts, ABAC Singapore. They have put together an excellent program of both work and pleasure for us and the preparations from the start have been perfect. We are very grateful to you Meng Kit, Gautam, and Jackson, for inviting Singapore’s Senior Minister of State for Trade & Industry, Mr. Lee Yi Shyan, to speak at the opening lunch today and for facilitating the Gala Dinner hosted by Mr. Teo Chee Hean, the Acting Prime Minister of Singapore, tomorrow night. Such occasions provide us with exceptional opportunities to deepen our interaction and deliver the business message across to the Leaders and Ministers of the ABAC host economies ahead of the Leaders’ Summit. READ MORE